SHIFT the cycle of STUCK.

Inside the FREE challenge, you'll join like-minded, intuitive entrepreneurial moms and learn:

The neuroscience behind why you get into ruts & how you can use this knowledge to shift & overcome obstacles

The most common blockers & backdoors you may be using to stay exactly where you are & keep yourself stuck

New research on the secret "success" chemical in your body and the subconscious sabotage you use to generate physiological, emotional and psychological breakdown


How to train your brain to notice opportunities ALREADY AROUND YOU - that bring you success and support you to achieve your dreams

The ritual that reprograms you to see wins - NO MATTER  WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE

Image by Clay Banks

SHIFT into your POWER.

Come on a 4 day journey to learn the underlying science behind what keeps you stuck and gain the knowledge to embrace your inner power & move confidently forward towards your dreams.

JUNE 27-30

9:00am - 10:00am PT

Join in from wherever you can get an internet connection. Bring your notes, a pen, a great attitude and the desire to take yourself on! 


This is not sit-and-watch-from the sidelines training. 


This is interactive and take-action/ take-yourself-on NOW kind-of stuff. If you simply want to collect information for later...this ain't the challenge for you. 


Cameras on, pen ready and minds open! Get ready to dive in, meet amazing people, and most importantly - SHIFT!

Image by Chris Montgomery